In Case Study

innacleWorks is working for Marwadi University, a known college situated in the heart of Gujarat, Rajkot since its establishment Since the University was looking for a company which can provide them end to end Digital Marketing Solutions it got associated with PinnacleWorks as their advertising partners to meet all their marketing as well as IT needs

We at PinnacleWorks are working on from Strategy to Planning, to Website building, to leads generation, Social Media Management, Running Online Ads , and also on providing ERP solutions to the university as per their requirements.


Website Designing and Maintenance


he development, regular updates and maintenance of the official website of Marwadi University is taken care by PinnacleWorks, where the scope of work ranges from hosting the website on the server to structuring of the website, writing and uploading the relevant content to designing the banners and other creatives required. The design and content is taken care of by the inhouse team.The online chat support is also provided by the team on the website.

Creating and Managing the Social Media Handles

Social Media these days play a very important role when it comes to branding. PinnacleWorks manages all the Social Media handles of Marwadi University and optimize it timely in order to make the efficient use of it for creating maximum no. of engagements.

Online Advertisements for Branding & Lead Generation

PinnacleWorks being the Advertising Partner of Marwadi University designs and run paid ads on various platforms like Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. with proper strategy to generate quality leads in most cost-effective manner.

On-Page & Off- Page SEO

Advertising is incomplete if your website doesn’t come on 1st page results on various search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. We at PinnacleWorks understands this fact and therefore, take care of both On-page and Off- Page SEO of the website in order to have a good amount of Website Traffic, Branding and maximum Organic Lead Generation

CRM Solutions

PinnacleWorks also provides the best in class IT Solutions to the University like CRM Solutions for managing and tracking the generated leads with advanced filtrations options, automated assignment rules, and many more additional features to meet the requirements.

Content Marketing

“Marketing is telling the world you’re a rock star. Content marketing is showing the world you are one.” Following this quote said by Robert Rose, PinnacleWorks doesn’t leave any stone unturned to float the quality and relevant content in its best way possible. The medium for doing content marketing includes- Social Media Handles, Whatsapp, Facebook, SMS, Emails and different discussion forums like Quora and other third party websites.

Digital Marketing – Marwadi University, Rajkot, Gujarat

Objectives We Planned to Meet


fforts made without a clear vision and a goal to achieve, usually ends up as an unproductive ones with least ROI even though with lots of effort being put in. Therefore, PinnacleWorks follows the reverse order when it does the planning work to meet the requirements.It first defines the objectives and final goals to be achieved and then does the reverse engineering for devising the marketing and execution plans.

Maximum Website Traffic
Website is a digital identity of any brand and thence making it popular among masses is a major goal.
Top SEO Results
When people search for any relevant keyword,displaying our client’s website as top results is our priority.
Decent No. of Generated Leads
Giving Maximum ROI is one of our target with which we never compromise and thence we try to generate maximum no. of leads.
Maximum Engagements on Social Media
We understand that Social Media is the best platform for making a brand famous among masses & thus conducts activities to gain maximum engagements.
Content Floatation
We broadcast various types of promotional content among masses to increase brand value via Blogs, Social Media, SMS & Email Marketing.
Branding in unbeatable manner
We adapt new technology and don’t leave any stone unturned to increase a brand value including SEO, Blogging, Social Media Activities, PR Management, etc.

Final Numbers Achieved

“Every solution to every problem is simple. It’s the distance between the two where the mystery lies”

900+ YouTube Subscribers

The subscribers of the official YouTube Channel of Marwadi University raised from 221 subscribers to 900+ subscribers.

53+ keywords in Top 3

50 keywords of the university are giving 1st page results on search engines like Google, Bing, etc. while 22 keywords are in the list of top 3 keywords results.

2 Lac + Facebook Page Likes

When we started, the facebook likes on the University page was just 5000 which has increased upto 2,10,000 to be precise and is increasing day by day.

70 Lac + Video Views

The videos which were prepared by the inhouse designing team had managed to grasp eyes of users which accounted for 69,55,000+ views till date.


Our mantra for success

The efforts made by PinnacleWorks in promoting Marwadi University, was a combination of traditional and digital marketing which resulted in few remarkable achievements , if we talk in terms of SEO Reports, website traffic, leads generated, etc.

Hurdles Faced

  • Getting SEO results was difficult as the keywords were new to get us listed in top results while the competing universities were already coming in top results
  • Gaining popularity outside Gujarat and generating leads from there was a task
  • Lack of popularity on social media handles especially Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn
  • Language Barrier, making the people understand the message we wanted to convey