Educational Institute’s extended arm for managing the organisation.

DigiCampus is a Comprehensive Education Management Suite for the educational institutions. DigiCampus, an automation package can help you get extraordinary outcomes with integrated solution for all the academic and administrative requirement of your institute.

DigiCampus has powerful range of features to facilitate the major entities of educational system i.e. Students, Parents, Faculty, Administrative Staffs, Administrator, Governing Body, University Officials, etc… with comprehensive and integrated soft ware solution for improved organizational performance. DigiCampus is very extensible and scalable in nature as it’s developed with state-of-the-art web based technologies. DigiCampus also allows its users to access it anywhere anytime through its mobile app version, making it sustainable for everyone to access the required information as per their need. Thus, this handy system acts as one stop solution for the needs of any educational institution.

Role Based User Management

The system allows the creation of multiple accounts and every account may have different privileges. This lets the organisation’s management to monitor all the activities performed by an individual as well as it makes them to handle and execute all the operational tasks in the most effective manner possible.

Effective Operation Management

It allows the management to manage all its human resources by investing less time and capital. From Students to Faculty, from leave management to marks evaluation to grievance reddressal, the organisation can do all the things from one centralised system with easy UI to operate on.

Smart Monitoring

Data is one of the most important deciding factor when it comes to devising any plan or taking any decision. DigiCampus allows the organisation to activities performed within a customised time frame to evaluate and decide and thence helps in making valuable decisions.

Cost Effective Resource Management

It helps the organisation in reducing its expenses on resources responsible for handling all the aforementioned jobs manually as each module integrated in the product would require a team of people if done manually with high risk of human error involved in the same.

Why DigiCampus?

When an institute is built then effective management of the organisation plays an important role in its success and growth. There are many evident examples in every sector where many well planned organisations and institutes have failed to achieve their goals because of lack of proper channel of communication and monitoring.

DigiCampus, a centralised monitoring and management system has been built in a way which enables educational institutes to manage all their functioning from User Management,Sending Notifications, Academic Details and Activities, CourseWare Completion Tracking, Students & Faculty Insights, Attendance Management, Student Interaction, Faculty Leave Management System,Grade Management, Fee Collection to Grievance Management to Messaging and Chat System, etc. in just one go and through one system.

This helps the administrator and management to monitor all the ongoing activities within the organisation and also provides a transparency about the activities and performance of all the members as well as addressing their grievances without any manipulation of data resulting into effective team management and administration.

Therefore, DigiCampus is a product which is a complete package for any organisation which prefers effective time management and where resources could be utilized in best possible manners. All the modules integrated into the product makes it a complete package allowing the system administrators to eventually plan and take their future course of action. It also allows conducting surveys or personal discussion if one wants to get opinion about something This provides the management with a good amount of data to analyse from and decide their future coarse of action.

Can be deployed both in cloud and on premise

Scalable to a Million Users

Mobile App Available

Made with Open Source Technologies

Minimal Server Hardware Required

Highly Customizable with Deep Linking


DigiCampus is a culmination of different modules designed in a way to meet all the possible requirements required by an Institution. It facilitates the monitoring and execution of different operations from one system at one go!



Academics Management

Courseware Tracking

Student & Faculty Insights

Grievance Management

Student Attendance Management

Examination Management

Faculty-Student Interaction

Faculty Leave Management

Marks & Grades Management

Online Fee

Student Feedback Collection

Placement Management


Transportation Management

Time Table Management


Record Keeping


One Stop Solution for your Educational Institute


Real-Time Reporting and Data Analysis allows the management to fetch the data on real-time basis for tracking down the activities and analyze before making any decision. Such data analysis avoids the implementation of any decision with high risk factor involved leading to better ROI and effective measures to be taken care of.


DigiCampus facilitates transparent channel of communication from top level authorities to bottom ones and vice-versa with minimum human intervention and least manipulation of data. It also enables everyone the students, staffs and management to stay on the same page and thence enhance maximum participation and real time opinion of everyone.

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