PinnacleVision offers the pretrained models through APIs as well as via custom models using Machine Learning, depending upon the user requirements. 

PinnacleVision allows to add images and video analysis to your applications. It just needs an image or video to provide to its Recognition API, and the service can identify the objects, people, text, scenes and activities including any inappropriate content. It also provides highly accurate facial analysis and recognition on the provided images and videos.

Not only facial analysis or image analysis, it also allows Text Extraction from images. The Optical Character Recognition enables one to detect the texts written within the images, along with the automatic language identification. The API supports a broad set of languages.

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Object and
Label Detection








How Does It Work?

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Why PinnacleVision?

Easy Integration

PinnacleVision comes with easy to use APIs which don’t require any ML expertise, making it easy to add visual analysis features to the application.

Easy Monitoring

The system allows the monitoring of each and every individual involved and track their work and progress. The managers could also track the performance of third party websites integrated with the system.


Real time reporting allows the manager to analyze and evaluate the data at any point of time and take decisions leading to better ROI.

Continuous Learning

The system is continuously trained on new data to expand its ability to recognize objects, faces and activities, etc. to improve its ability of recognition.

Better Results

Since, there is no manipulation of data involved  it leads to improved performance of the counsellors. As a result of which it leads to higher conversion and proper data analysis.


Real time reporting allows the manager to analyze and evaluate the data at any point of time and take decisions leading to better ROI.

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