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with Humans over Telephony Channels.
Start Cruising your Applications to Admissions with a
360 Degree Intelligent Solution.
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Businesses can grow only if they have the right strategy and the right tools to empower their business. PinnacleWorks has evolved with only one and single vision and that is to revolutionise the IT Industry with its products and solutions. Founded in the year 2012, the company has always kept a futuristic vision and have always come up with solutions that were going to be the next-gen needs of the businesses. Most of the solutions developed by the company are backed by the latest technologies including Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, NLP, etc.

The company initially focused on the digitisation of businesses at a time when most businesses never would have been thinking about digitisation. But, by the time digitisation became a buzz word the company had already taken a step towards automation. SuperBot and PinnacleVision are a few of the products developed by the company using technologies like AI, NLP and Machine Learning as a step towards automation of process for businesses around the globe.

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In this growing era of technology, we build and deliver customised solutions for various industries to meet their business requirements. The solutions are built with the help of latest technologies including AI, ML, NLP, etc. and offer high-end customisations to meet all the needs!

AI-Driven Omni-Channel
conversation platform.

Start Cruising your Applicaitons to Admissions with a 360 Degree Intelligent Solution.

An AI-Based Conversation Platform to have Smart Dialogues with Humans over Telephony Channels.

A platform to analyse images and videos and derive meaningful insights from them. 

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100+ Happy Clients

  • We are happy with the deliverables of Superbot as it redefined the conversations and accelerated the effort of team REVA! This interactive tool adds value to chats by engaging the user with personalized responses. I would like to emphasize that it should be an integral part on a website as it is a great scaffold for the accuracy of data. Congratulations, Team Pinnacle!

    Dr. S. Y. Kulkarni
    Dr. S. Y. Kulkarni Vice-Chancellor, REVA University
  • Am I satisfied with Superbot? Well yes, I am, but more than the superbot I must put on record that it is the people behind that makes it work all the more. Superbot is a real-time mirror of your brand equity and also a superb interactive tool for your consumers. The accuracy of the data that one gets from is what makes it a must-have on your web presence. My heartiest congratulations to the crack team of Superbot and as they are aware, we are with them for a long long time.

    Vishwas Gautam
    Vishwas Gautam Head of Marketing Communications, MIET Group of Institutions
  • I’d like to share how happily surprised I am with the professionalism, communication and the overall positive manner I experienced at PinnacleWorks. While I always expect to be treated well for service that I pay for, I am all too often underwhelmed with the services I receive. Cheers to team PinnacleWorks!

    Jeet Marwadi
    Jeet Marwadi Marwadi University
  • I have known Ankit and Sarvagya from past 6 years. They have worked with me and my team on various projects when it came to technology. The technical consulting and services provided by them was incomparable. A major credit of our success goes to them. I highly recommend them to any firm.

    Ashish Co-Founder, MilkBasket
  • We use the services of PinnacleWorks, for external and internal projects from time to time. They are committed in delivering quality projects and customer satisfaction which is of utmost importance. Hope they continue meeting our expectations with their out of the box thinking and works.

    Niraj Davar
    Niraj Davar Director, Channel Technologies