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SuperBot is an AI-driven Omni-channel conversation platform developed with the help of technologies like Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence powered by Google Algorithms for assisting organizations to attend their online queries. The Bot’s intelligence is backed by high data analytics and research. The AI technology used, makes it smarter every second, as it empowers the Bot with a Self-Learning Capability. The Bot is capable of handling virtually unlimited visitors concurrently. It can work 24*7 with a response time of 2 to 4 seconds while covering 80% of the possible questions & scenarios.

Following a unified communication model approach, incoming queries from users from multiple channels are accepted by the platform and appropriate responses are fulfilled in real-time. The platform can be integrated with internal systems of organizations to provide accurate information to the visitor. All chat analytics are available for real-time monitoring via a dashboard.

It could be integrated with more than 20+ channels including Website, Facebook Messenger, Twitter, Skype, Google Assistant as well as Whatsapp.

Thus, with such high-end automation and easily customizable features, SuperBot is one of the latest evolution which meets the needs of different businesses and help them grow.


SuperBot is a ChatBot developed to meet different business requirements with no human intervention and high efficiency.


Built with the help of Machine Learning and Powerful NLU Algorithms, SuperBot is an AI based automated ChatBot.

It is available 24x7, 365 days a year without any break. It could attend unlimited number of queries concurrently.

It is different from the usual Live Chat windows where a human agent is sitting and answering the queries in many ways.

It is highly customizable and serves across multiple industries


Multi User

The system has been built in a way that it is capable of handling unlimited number of unique users concurrently, leading to an increase in system efficiency and a high response rate.



SuperBot can attend queries in English, Hindi as well as in Hinglish. Also, it will soon be able to support regional languages, making it usable for various industries across the globe.

Self Learning

Since the system has been developed by using Machine Learning, it is able to self-learn and train itself to give the answers to those queries for which it wasn’t trained initially.



In order to cater to the queries of all the visitors on all the platforms, SuperBot has been developed in a manner that it could be integrated with multiple platforms. Currently, it is integrable with 20+ channels including Facebook Messenger, Google Assistant, Alexa, Cortana, etc.

Online Payment

The system has a centralized payment gateway which enables the organization to connect their Payment Gateways with SuperBot and allow the users to pay through their chat window only.


Custom Form

The system comes with Customizable Forms, which could be used for lead generation, conducting surveys, etc. The form pops up automatically persuading the users to fill it, whenever a relatable question is asked.


High Response

The system has been designed in such a way that an average response time of 2-3 seconds has been maintained by SuperBot, irrespective of the number of users or queries it has to handle at the same time.



The system’s open APIs makes it integrable with most of the custom software used by the organizations including their CRMs, ERP, HMS as well as their SMS and Calls Portals, etc.

Why SuperBot



Troubled with users coming down to your website but not converting as a lead? Then try SuperBot! Answer all their queries in real-time while saving them from the hassle of surfing so many pages and as well as collect their details during the chat only through In-Built Custom Forms.



Setting up a call centre or managing human agents to provide 24×7 Support is difficult. Isn’t it? But, with SuperBot you could attend to all your visitors queries 24×7 and leading to a higher user satisfaction rate with all their queries answered instantly.



Not only could the Bot answer queries, but is also capable of taking and scheduling appointments for your business. The users simply need to fill in their details and choose a preferable date and time in the chat window only.



If you want to do any type of survey among all your online visitors, just create your custom form or let us create the one for you and SuperBot will prompt the users visiting your website to take the survey. It could also pay calls, and ask the users about their opinions and collect their feedbacks.



Knowing the valuable feedback of your customers is very important but collecting the same was a hassle with the need of so much of human workforce. But, not anymore as SuperBot can collect feedbacks via chat or calls in just one click from multiple users concurrently.



With SuperBot being able to be integrated with IVR calls,gives you the privilege to pay a call directly to your users and tell them about your products, services or collect their details for leads generation.

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Industries SuperBot works in

Can be Integrated with 20+ Channels

What makes us Unique?


Other ChatBots

  • Act as a communication agent and allows the user to ask anything they want
  • Is trained for 200+ Intents to cater the queries and keeps on learning with time
  • Has predefined templates for Industries like Educational Organisations, Coaching Institutes, Hospitals and is custom built for other industries. So the entire training is done by SuperBot’s team and client has to take no hassle for training.
  • Is built after thorough Industry Research and Analysis and is trained industry specific.

where as

Other ChatBots

  • Follow a FAQ Based Format wherein the users are not allowed to ask something of their own.
  • Are template based where only a certain set of questions and answers could be trained to answer
  • Follow “Do It Your Own” Schema and doesn’t provide any training support
  • Are Generic and don’t have Industry Based Intelligence

Explore More About SuperBot

SuperBot For Education

SuperBot For Education

SuperBot for Education is an AI-based counselling cum conversation agent which attends the queries of the online visitors related to admissions, counselling, fees, course availability, etc 24×7, while simultaneously capturing leads details and scheduling campus visit. It even has the capability of identifying the intent of the user queries and approach them automatically after a time frame in case if they haven’t shared their details.

SuperBot For HealthCare

SuperBot For HealthCare

SuperBot for Healthcare is designed in order to assist online visitors of a Hospital or Clinic for fixing appointments, checking doctor’s availability as well as getting details about their next appointment schedules. It could send a reminder notification to the patients on their social media handles about their next appointments along with the option of rescheduling it.

SuperBot Communications

SuperBot Communications

SuperBot Communications is an Artificial-Intelligence based conversational platform capable of having smart dialogues with humans over telephony channels. With an English robotic accent, it can make meaningful 2-way conversations with humans. It converses with humans on a real-time basis providing a smooth satisfying user experience.

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think about SuperBot

  • We are happy with the deliverables of Superbot as it redefined the conversations and accelerated the effort of team REVA! This interactive tool adds value to chats by engaging the user with personalized responses. I would like to emphasize that it should be an integral part on a website as it is a great scaffold for the accuracy of data. Congratulations, Team Pinnacle!

    Dr. S. Y. Kulkarni
    Dr. S. Y. Kulkarni Vice-Chancellor, REVA University
  • SuperBot has proved to be of help to University for admission aspiring students and their parents. Alongwith optimizing the human resource involvement towards the queries of students and parents, it has resulted in satisfaction of students. The Pinnacle Works team has been quite supportive in operations of SuperBot.

    Devang R . Joshi Registrar, CHARUSAT University
  • Am I satisfied with Superbot? Well yes, I am, but more than the superbot I must put on record that it is the people behind that makes it work all the more. Superbot is a real-time mirror of your brand equity and also a superb interactive tool for your consumers. The accuracy of the data that one gets from is what makes it a must-have on your web presence. My heartiest congratulations to the crack team of Superbot and as they are aware, we are with them for a long long time.

    Vishwas Gautam
    Vishwas Gautam Head of Marketing Communications, MIET Group of Institutions

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