Recent years have witnessed a lot of technological advancements while enabling users to communicate with businesses in a lot more ways than earlier. They have been able to reach the businesses via website, social media, messaging platforms, increasing difficulty for the businesses to cater to all the queries and thence reducing their customer satisfaction as well leads to loss of potential leads. In order to bridge this gap between businesses and consumers, SuperBot For Education (Text) has been launched. It is an AI-Driven Unified Communication Agent which can be integrated with 20+ channels including the Website, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Line, etc, and can cater to unique queries from multiple channels concurrently while doing the work of 1000 agents alone.

Built with the help of Machine Learning and Powerful NLU Algorithms, SuperBot is capable of :

Attending Queries 24x7, 365 days a year

Generating Leads

High End Customization to cater the needs of any Industry

Cost Effective as can do the work of 1000 Human Agents alone

With technological advancements happening all around us, automation and smart technologies have become the need of the hour. If we talk about the Indian Education Industry, where we have more than 1000 Universities and 39000+ Colleges, the need for automation is there to help them improve their enrollments number. But, they are still heavily relying upon the old and traditional methods to fetch admissions leading to less optimized used of manpower, time, and money. For eradicating the same, a Simply Intelligent solution named CampusEnrol has been launched. The solution is an amalgamation of intelligence and automation which are simple to understand & use. 

Built with the help of the latest technologies and ad on powerups, CampusEnrol enables one to do :

Prospect Management

Marketing Automation

Campaign ROI Calculation

Send Smart Notifications

Provide AI-Powered Smart Assistance

No matter how many mediums and technologies are introduced, but telephony will always be preferred and one of the most convenient mediums for communication. But for a business attending so many calls becomes a hassle as well as increases their cost to be spent in agent hiring, training, infrastructure, etc. Also, the outbound marketing, survey, as well as feedback calls take a lot of time and effort for getting the desired results. Analyzing this situation, PinnacleWorks has launched another product named as SuperBot. SuperBot is an AI-Based Conversation Platform that is capable of having Smart Dialogues with Humans over Telephony Channels. It is capable of doing both taking inbound calls as well as outbound calls and can make thousands of calls in one minute only. Being backed by High-End technologies it is :

Capable to Doing Work of 1000 agents

Help in Lead Generations

Conduct Marketing Campaigns, Take Surveys and Collect Feedback

Is Available 24*7, 365 days a year

Capable of passing calls to human agents on a real-time basis

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