Tourism Demo

This a demo page to let people take the demo of the Bot designed specifically to answer the online queries of the tourist.

The bot has been trained in a way that it could all the possible queries which could be asked by a tourist regarding any tourist attraction. It is highly customizable and various different fields could be added to address all the queries.

Please find few sample questions for a brief demo:-

  • How to Reach Varanasi?
  • How to Reach Assi Ghat
  • Places to see in Varanasi
  • Is there Safari Available at Dudhwa National Park
  • What is the culture of Uttar Pradesh?
  • When is Kumbh Mela?
  • Is Accommodation available at Kumbh Mela?
  • Important Dates of Kumbh Mela
  • What are the timings of Durga Temple?
  • Is Photography allowed at Durga Temple?

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