EasyDoc (Document Management System) enables professionals in an organization to effectively capture, store, manage, discover, distribute and archive structured and unstructured content (such as scanned images, electronic documents, emails, fax, reports, audio/video files, social media content etc).


QueueLive (Queue Management System) provides standard, and customizable queuing solutions to cater to diverse queuing problems faced by organizations.


DigiCampus is a Comprehensive Education Management Suite for the educational institutions. DigiCampus, an automation package can help you get extraordinary outcomes with integrated solution for all the academic and administrative requirement of your institute.


CampusEnrol is a Customized CRM for the Educational Organization to simplify the admission cycle starting from queries to enrollment. It is, an automation package which can help you get extraordinary outcomes with the integrated solution for all the admission related operations in the institute.


An intelligent conversational interface (bot) for handling queries on website and Facebook messenger. It Uses Natural Language Understanding to decode the query and responds accordingly reducing the human dependence and errors to respond to the customer's queries.

Sentiment Analysis

It is a system for Emotions Recognition for events, which allows you to get the feedback of any event through the facial expressions of people which has been captured via photographs and videos