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bioimplants pinnacleHow will one feel if he/she gets to experience their favorite destination while sitting at their home or if one gets to into virtual content of the real world? If you think it’s still a dream or an impossible task, then it’s time to get in touch with the latest technologies “AR“ and “VR” which has made the above possible. Augmented Reality (AR) is a blend of virtual reality and real life where the users physically move as the platform simply ‘augments’ our current state of presence. In AR, the users are able to interact with the virtual contents in the real world and tell the difference between the two. Virtual Reality (VR) as the same suggest creates a virtual world transposing the users or simply bringing the user to the place while their current position, in reality, does not change. In VR technologies everything is virtual even if it is a live broadcast of a sports game in the sense that the user has no connection with the location they are in virtually.

Sarvagya Mishra PinnacleworksBoth AR and VR are the game changer technologies of the present century and will bring a brighter future to the world. From education to the military to healthcare to almost every sector, AR and VR will bring a significant change. In healthcare segment, AR and VR technologies would be used to test medical devices, access to pain management treatment and maintenance of health labs machines. For instance, a German company, iDent, is using AR software to help dentists and orthodontists create digital models of patients’ mouths for fillings, crowns, and braces. VR can be used in remote surgery and images of such surgery can be transferred to the different location of the world for further utilisation. In the military, these technologies can be used to provide a better training facility for the soldiers. In such a case, the soldiers can practice without any death loses. Also, the military can use VR for battlefield simulation, virtual boot camp, and vehicle simulation.

3virtual-realityAR and VR technologies will help to increase the education level of the country in a low-cost manner. Now, it will be easier for the students to connect with the geographical concepts while in the school only. The use of these technologies can also been seen in the sports industry. It will become easier for the young players to get quality training, evaluate their performance, analyze their technique and practice the game. It will also prove to be very beneficial for the construction sector. It will be easy to determine the challenging factors in the construction without waste of time or labor through AR and VR technologies. AR and VR will also result in great sales and marketing tool as now companies won’t require a physical person to demonstrate their new product. Safety norms would be easily applicable and followed once will all get connected to these technologies.

However, few people live with the misconception that introduction of AR and VR would result in the fall of jobs. They believe these technologies will make people robotic dependent and use of manpower will fall but the reality is totally different. All these,e technologies are designed by human beings only, therefore the requirement of manpower will continue in the future too. All these technologies need updates and maintenance, for which skilled workforce will be used. Also, the robotics cannot be creative or emotional; therefore artist workforce will be required to design such technologies. AR and VR would definitely result in various new inventions and will contribute to making a better world for the coming and present generation. We all should join hands in adoption such a remarkable technology and contribute to the welfare of the society.

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