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Engagement with all the online visitors leads to a higher lead generation


BD University was looking for a better way to engage with their online visitors which were around 2000+ (during the month of January) on an average on a daily basis across all the major digital channels.

About: A top-notch university of India spread across 100+ acres of Land with 20,000+ On-Campus Students and 1,00,000+ Alumni, offering 50+ professional courses across all the verticals.

  • Increasing the Number of Leads organically through their digital media platforms by catering to the user queries 24*7.
  • Resolving the Help Desk Queries on a Real-Time Basis.
  • Taking a Digital Leap and setting up a unilateral communication channel for the organization
  • Auto Engagement with the Visitors to interact with them using SuperBot on all the Digital Channels
  • Identifying and training SuperBot for New Intents to enable it to handle Help Desk Related Queries.
  • Real-Time Monitoring and Analysis of Chats for helping the university set up an effective communication channel.
The Results
  • The University became the first Educational Organization in India to have an AI-based automated counseling Bot on all their major digital platforms including Website, Facebook Messenger, Twitter as well as Google Assistant to attend queries from the visitors.
  • The organic lead capturing from website increased 5X on an average in a month’s time with a total of 32% admissions for the academic session 2017-18.
  • The Help Desk Queries were resolved on a real-time basis leading to higher user satisfaction.

he vast majority of visitors of BBD University’s website and social media handles used to be prospective students or their parents looking for admissions. The major challenge faced was to cater all their queries and converting them into a lead by collecting their details. The marketing and admission team were putting in all their efforts to drive the traffic to the website, but what after driving the traffic to the website was yet a question. The visitors used to have so much of questions about the courses, the organization, fee structure, placement, facilities, etc. and it was almost next to impossible to cater so many questions from so many visitors simultaneously. Making the human agents to attend the queries was even not worth the efforts as the number of queries was nearly impossible to be catered manually for 24×7.

In order to find a solution for the same, BBD University turned to their IT and Digital Marketing Consultants PinnacleWorks, to help them assist in resolving the same. By that time PinnacleWorks was already in the phase of launching an AI-powered custom chatbot which they had named “SuperBot”, for Educational Organisations to meet all their counseling needs. With BBD University looking for a solution which the company was already working upon, allowed both PinnacleWorks as well as BBD University to test this new-gen technology. The aim was to allow BBD University setting up a unilateral communication channel for its visitors and help PinnacleWorks do the live testing about the Efficiency and adaptability of SuperBot.

“It is a tough job for such a big university to cater to all the questions of their visitors. It becomes, in fact, indistinguishable to identify the admission prospects and existing students. Both of them needs to have their queries attended for which we had no way out. But, glad we opted SuperBot. Not only it’s multi-platform integration helped us attend all our queries but we also saw a decent rise in admission queries. Well, that’s what we could call technology at its best for us.”

With SuperBot being able to get integrated with all the platforms including Facebook Messenger, Google Assistant, Twitter, Website as well as Google Assistant, BBD University got a platform with the help of which they could communicate with all their visitors irrespective of the platform and time. With SuperBot being able to cater all the queries related to Admissions, Placements, Job Vacancies, as well as Help Desk queries like Results, Degrees, Events, etc. as well as its integrated custom form feature helped the University is taking its first step forward in getting ROI of all their Marketing Campaigns with so many lead generation. The visitors are happy getting all the required information instantly and thence are willingly leaving their details to be contacted further for admissions while the brand is benefitting in terms of more number of lead generation, trust building as well as increased brand visibility.

The organization also benefited in terms of cost as the human agents required for attending so many queries for so many platforms would have cost the university a large sum of money which was reduced to a hill of beans by implementing SuperBot with a 100x higher efficiency.

With such results, the team has already come up with the advanced version, where the SuperBot has been trained to showcase recent notices, process payments, as well as display placement drives details and results to act as a 24×7 Help Desk for the internal students, which help them save time of the agents/staffs responsible for attending such queries.

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