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Knowing your customers is important, and how they make a purchase decision for your product, service, or subscription, is critical. In fact, it’s so critical that marketers tell us that better customer journey visibility would improve their marketing ROI by a staggering 70%.In fact, fewer than 15% of marketers say that they can accurately measure customers as they transition between phones, tablets, and desktops. That’s where machine learning can play a role.

AI will help us see what could be called the developing customer journey. The current journey builders map the customer journey and expect customers to follow the map. But future customer journey tools will be like this: watching mobile moments, seeing app engagements, email opens, clicks, attention, requests for information, visits, purchases, and so much more. The AI-based agents will respond when prospects and visitors raise their hands. The result, visualized over time, is the rising customer journey.

Three Ways AI Is Being Implied to Improve Customer Experience

Now that we understand what it takes to successfully apply artificial intelligence in customer experience, let’s get into some of those applications to see how AI is helping across various aspects of customer experience by integrating data, providing insights in real-time, and incorporating critical business context.

1. Customer Service Gets A New Dimension.

The biggest impact of AI is to transform customer service by making it automated, fast and hassle-free. As I have previously talked about, salespeople, call center agents, and employees in organizations cannot be expected to go through and understand a customer’s entire history prior to each conversation. But, artificial intelligence is now making it possible.

Chatbots use AI-based conversation that are being used in different customer-engagement scenarios. They are designed to help human interactions and provide immediate, personalized responses 24*7. This helps to eliminate delays and errors in customer service, particularly for handling customer complaints.

2. Predictive Personalization and Customization.

AI is helping business to create an experience that naturally helps with consumers lives. Consumers are now not needed to change their communication pattern when interacting with brands in order to satisfy their needs. Intelligent customization will make customers feel as if every product or brand experience was just made for them. Even asking for help will become easier as AI infused with emotions will make customer experience interactions smoother and streamlined across channels.

3. AI-enabled Customer Analytics Helps in Customer Insights.

Good customer experience is achieved when a business remembers a customer and treats them with attention, respect, and consideration throughout their unique customer journey. The power of AI-enabled customer journey analytics is that it can power through a much, much larger and more complex data space and thereby uncover many more business opportunities—even opportunities you didn’t realize you should look for. As a result, you can spend your time prioritizing these insights instead of hammering away at the underlying data.AI-enabled customer journey analytics finds every single relationship in the data that exists. These analytics can predict the likelihood of future with high accuracy, while at the same time help to find the drivers and inhibitors of customer performance.

The present scenario of AI for customer service.

Tata consultancy services recent reports find that almost 31.7% of major companies are now using AI in customer services. When it comes to AI-assisted human agent model, a customer service platform provider delivers appreciable results, increasing efficiency by 35%.


As mentioned earlier, artificial intelligence (AI) has affected every aspect of the business, especially in the area of customer service. If you want to stay ahead of the competition, you must begin now to develop plans on how you can leverage AI to significantly improve your own customer service operation. Without AI, it is very difficult for any business to survive in the present scenario.

In short, It can be said that AI is the backbone for any business, without which the customers would not be served well.

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