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Higher Customer Engagement allowed MIET Group of Institutions to Develop Trust and Gain Increased Brand Value


IET Group of Institutions – one of the Top Colleges of North India, always had admissions and other related queries from the students seeking admission in the organization. Now, answering all of them was difficult but they can’t even be ignored or left unanswered as that would dilute the brand’s transparency and value. Thus, they felt the need to look for an automated system which could handle all the queries on all the platforms and not only of the new visitors but also of the in-house students for which they adapted SuperBot when approached.

About: One of the Top Ranked Colleges of North India falls under this group, with 2000+ on-campus students, 150+ faculties, offering 20+ professional courses in three campuses.

  • Attending to the queries of all their visitors
  • Resolving Help Desk Queries on a Real-Time Basis
  • Maintaining Transparency with the Visitors and Increasing Brand Value
  • Organically Generating Leads and Maximizing the ROI
  • 24×7 support provided to online visitors across the two major digital channels Website and Facebook Messenger.
  • Auto Engagement with the Visitors to interact with them using SuperBot on all the Digital Channels.
  • Identifying and training SuperBot for New Intents to enable it to handle Help Desk Related Queries.
  • Real-Time Monitoring and Analysis for rectifying the errors and helping the university keeping a step forward.
The Results
  • The organic lead capturing from website increased from 20 to 1000+ on an average in a month’s time with a conversion rate of 7.36%
  • The Help Desk Queries were resolved on a real-time basis leading to higher visitors satisfaction.

eing one of the Top Colleges of Uttar Pradesh, MIET always had an edge in terms of admissions over other institutes. There used to be so many 500+ daily queries asked by the parents, existing students and the one seeking admissions. And here was the problem that to cater the queries of all the visitors simultaneously even with the help of a team of 3-5 agents wasn’t working. The college didn’t want to miss attending any of the queries as they wanted to maintain transparency with all their visitors to gain high trust value. Also, there were students who had admission and counseling related queries and missing on those queries were leading to loss of leads. Combining all the queries and their frequency it became almost impossible to attend all of them by using human agents, as well as the money invested in the agents,  had to be pretty high.

Therefore, when PinnacleWorks approached them with the proposal of SuperBot, they didn’t even give it a second thought before opting SuperBot for their organization. The SuperBot was trained and made live within a week. Within the span of two months only (i.e. June & July) after SuperBot was integrated with the organization’s digital channels, SuperBot had already catered 20,000+ unique queries via 60,000+ Messages and 450+ Admissions Leads were captured.

“ We were not worried about getting leads, but we were worried about the engagement with our visitors. As we never wanted our visitors to leave without their queries being answered. The thought behind it was that if someone comes to our website or social handle, they should be greeted and assist them in fetching the information they are looking for in a hassle-free manner, as that was needed for maintaining our brand integrity. We tried doing it manually, but it was a hectic job for all of us and a lot more time-consuming. Therefore, when PinnacleWorks team approached us we prefer going with SuperBot, as we really liked the concept and it sounded like something for which we were actually looking for. And, today we are in a position to say that we chose the right thing for us” – Vishwas Gautam, Head – Marketing, MIET

With the Multi-User Handling and Multi-Platform Integration features of SuperBot, MIET was able to establish a Unilateral Communication Channel to handle all the queries from Multiple Users concurrently and uniformly. Another major concern was the language barrier. Being a North Indian college where Hindi and Hinglish are more prevalent, a chat assistant with responses in English might not prove itself worth the use. But, PinnacleWorks team was kind of already prepared for it. The Bot was trained to attend and answer queries not only in English but in Hindi as well.

Thus, with SuperBot, MIET was not only able to cater the queries from all its visitors but was also able to save a large sum of money as well as generate leads which were 2X more than the leads generated initially through the Digital channels.

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