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Today technology has impacted almost every industry present, and the education industry is no exception.

Or is it?

In some ways, the education industry seems much the same as it has been for many years.

The key reasons being the lack of technology in the education industry.

Even after lacking technological advancements, The education industry according to a report in The Times of India is all set to reach the market capitalization of $313 billion USD.

This growth can be boosted with the help of technological advancements and Artificial Intelligence integration in the industry.

Currently whenever someone talks about technology in the education industry, one can only think as far as smart classes with the smart boards, and further thanks to the pandemic we got introduced to the virtual classes. But still there are limitless opportunities and ways in which technology can be integrated into the education industry which can immensely boost its growth.

A few areas where AI can assist the Educational Organisations and eventually the Education Industry includes easing their admission process and bridging the communication gap between them and the admission applicants. But how it can be done, is a question here, which we have briefed below!

1. Lead Verification

Lakhs of students take admissions into higher education institutions each year and to verify each one of them and classify which one is fake and which one is legit, can be a hectic task and can take up a lot of time, money and wasted efforts of human counselors. But switching to a modern solution and allowing an AI-powered voice agent to provide first level counseling to the students and classify them into HOT, WARM and COLD on the basis of the conversation can help in reducing cost and time, but more importantly it would allow human counselors to focus on working smart rather than working hard.

2. Scholarship Alerts

Government institutes as well as private educational institutes, regularly keep providing scholarship opportunities for students to attract students to apply in their institute. But more than often the students are not even aware of these scholarships.

Educational institutes already have a lot on their hands to work with due to which promoting such scholarship offers can be side lined.

But not anymore!

An AI-powered voice agent which is capable of making 1M+ calls a day can help the institutes to automate the process of promoting their scholarships and make students aware of such opportunities.

3. Admission Helpline

Students in general have a lot of doubts and queries and the volume of these doubts and queries increase dramatically during the admission process. And to assist the students during this stage is very critical but equally difficult.

To help overcome this and to effectively guide the students during their admission process, an AI-powered admission helpline would prove really helpful. From being able to answer all the queries of students to being available for them 24×7.

4. Drip Marketing

How often does it happen that a student applied at an institute but after just the first counseling there is no one to follow up and ask about the interest of the student in taking admissions.

Due to this lack of following up, the student easily loses interest in taking admission and just like that the institute has lost a potential student.

Agreed that the educational institutes have a lot to work with, but switching to a more advanced solution like an AI-powered conversational agent can help educational institutes conduct drip marketing by placing regular follow up calls, feedback calls and conducting surveys.

But the question is, is there even any such technology available??

The answer is SuperBot.

SuperBot which is an AI-powered smart conversational agent, available 24×7 and with capabilities of making 1M+ calls, which can be used to solve the problems mentioned above.

  1. With SuperBot being capable of making 1M+ calls a day, educational institutes can not only easily promote their scholarship offers but also help in taking feedback and follow ups as superbot is capable of placing 10,000+ calls in parallel for different use cases. Hence helping with retaining potential students.
  2. SuperBot can make the process of lead verification easy. Being trained to understand user intent and over 9+ different regional languages, Superbot can be used for initial counseling and automatically classifying the students as HOT, WARM or COLD according to the conversation and make the work of human counselors eas

Most recently, SuperBot launched a dedicated 24×7 Admission Helpline after witnessing the increase in the volume of queries during the admission season.

Which brings us on to the most important point.

This Dedicated Admission Helpline can be used for round-the-clock applications assistance, query resolving and assisting students during their admission process. This allows the education institutes to be available for their students 24×7 and allows students to ask questions and clear their doubts anytime of the day.

To Conclude-

The scope of the education industry is limitless, but to grow the industry and bring it up to the speed with other industries, Switching to new and modern solutions is required and SuperBot is just starting to take the necessary steps towards it.

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