India’s Education Industry is one of the largest in the world, enrolling more than 70 million students and has an additional capacity for over 40 million students. With over 200+ Universities and 1000+ Private Colleges the Indian Education Segment is expected to reach US $35.03 billion by 2025.

But, even after being such a huge industry the major challenge it faces is the lack of the advanced IT infrastructure and adaptation of latest technology trends while compared to other sectors like Banking & Finance, Tourism, etc.

Understanding the gravity of the situation, PinnacleWorks with its 5+ Years of Experience of working in the Education Industry, has come up with various solutions and services to cater the need of different Educational Organization as well as to technology upgrade them.


BFSI is the another major sector of Indian Economy and has total credit extended surged to US $1,288.1 billion. But, the sector is not only growing in terms of Money but is also Technologically Advancing. The are having an edge over other industries when it comes to technology. From Internet Banking to AI powered Chat Assistant, this industry has shown the best adaptation of latest technologies so far.

Also, with the arrival of Payment and FinTech companies the BFSI industry is growing at an exponential phase in terms of acquiring new technologies.

We at PinnacleWorks, in order to be the part of the league have launched few custom products for the BFSI industry to meet their needs of upgrading their IT Infrastructure for the ease of operating.


Healthcare has become one of India’s largest sectors – both in terms of revenue and employment. Healthcare comprises hospitals, medical devices, clinical trials, outsourcing, telemedicine, medical tourism, health insurance, and medical equipment. The Indian Healthcare Market is expected to grow by three-fold to Rs 8.6 trillion (US$ 133.44 billion) by 2022 and Hospitals holds the major share of it.

With such a growing industry and direct interaction with millions of users on a daily basis by the businesses, raises the demand for multiple high end technology integrations and products to help them ease define their processes and provides the customers with a hassle free experience.

The 24X7 Support for the Customers and Management of the Records & Data are one of the major challenges faced by this Industry.

Understanding the problems existing in the sector PinnacleWorks offers custom solutions which are capable of catering to not all but atleast few of the major issues, for example Catering the queries of visitors using an AI-based Bot, or managing long queues by offering a centralised queue management system.


India’s main source of income might not be tourism but it provides 124.8 billion dollars of GDP for the country. No doubt, the industry is booming while witnessing a growing graph with a number of initiatives to achieve heights. But yet there is a major segment in which it is lacking and that is Technical Upliftment.

The technology interface of the Indian Tourism Industry is not that advanced. Though the use of technology in the tourism industry has helped speed up operations and helped the travelling process to become more efficient, still there is a long way to go.

The e-guides or instant customer support are some of the hurdles which tourism sector is facing along with its obvious major challenge of attracting more tourists.

We won’t say that we resolve all of them as its a huge industry to meet all the needs. But, we at PinnacleWorks, develop custom solutions which could meet at least few of the major needs to help the industry to grow at a more rapid speed.

MSME & Retail

Apart from the 3 major industries listed above, we have worked with almost all the other major industries, be it Real-Estate, Events, E-Commerce,etc. The services and solutions built by us are Customized and Client Specific to deliver the best as per the Industry Standards.

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