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After the introduction of E-Market in the Global Market, Online Advertising is one of the most trusted and preferred media used by both small scale and large scale industries to market their brands and reach their potential customers. It allows almost everyone and anyone to spread awareness about their products and brands among the masses in the most cost-effective way and usually manage to get maximum ROI out of it.

PinnacleWorks, the online advertising consultancy in Gurgaon, being a Google Partner for all type of ads whether it being the Search Ads, Display Ads or Video Marketing Ads, holds an expertise in strategizing and executing the online paid campaigns on almost all the platforms. After understanding our partner needs and expertise we use all the available mediums for ensuring that their products reaches its potential customers. Our team of experts ensures that the ads are run in most cost-effective way while achieving maximum possible results in return. We have a team of inhouse designers, marketers, certified executors for running ads, strategists, data analyst, content curators etc. to design & execute the campaigns.


Major Platforms Used

Google Adwords

Google is the most visited site (ever) on the internet, and thus, using its online advertising platform, AdWords, one can reach the maximum audience! We at PinnacleWorks want exactly the same for you with our online advertising techniques, and thus we use AdWords for:

  • Branding
  • Promotions (Display ads, videos etc.)
  • Lead Generation

SMS, E-mail & WhatsApp

While advertising involves finding potential customers, it is also very important that a connection be developed with these customers as soon as possible. Thus, as data starts coming in, we use SMS, emails, and WhatsApp messages for:

  • connection to customers on a personal level
  • building a rapport on behalf of our client
  • domain specific promotion

Facebook Adverts

With a reach of more than a billion users, we at PinnacleWorks believe that Facebook is an excellent option for catching attention and converting it to the client’s advantage. Thus, advertising on Facebook helps us to:

  • Create a public brand image
  • Increase reach
  • Promote brand content
  • Generate leads

Bing & Yahoo Ads

We at PinnacleWorks understand, and believe, that the right advertising should increase your reach whenever and wherever possible. Thus, even while Facebook and Google provide tremendous reach, we still use Bing and Yahoo for:

  • General promotions
  • Branding
  • Lead Generations
  • Increasing reach

Twitter Ads

Twitter is one of the most actively used website with a user base of approx. 330 million, which for us makes it a great option for connecting to potential conversions. Thus, we use Twitter for:

  • Content promotion
  • Lead generation
  • Increasing reach
  • Connecting to all possible customers

LinkedIn Ads

We, at PinnacleWorks, think of LinkedIn as the Facebook of professionals and, thus, for us it is the go-to site for:

  • Creating an authentic brand image
  • Connecting to existing businesses
  • Generating most profitable leads (LinkedIn has 400 million users, giving the highest conversion rate)
  • Personalized promotions

Word From The Experts

  • Online Advertising isn’t just about setting up the budget and running the campaigns with required designs and content! It’s more about data analysis and optimization. Campaigns won’t be effective if one can’t analyse the grey areas and correct it.

    Rakesh Roshan
    Rakesh Roshan PinnacleWorks

Our Clients Love Us

  • I wanted to establish Tula’s as a brand in the Education Industry and knew that I needed to channel the power of the Internet to achieve this goal. The smart and creative team at PinnacleWorks has helped Tula’s Institute, establish itself as a successful name known among the masses, turning my vision into reality.

    Silky Jain
    Silky Jain Executive Director, Tula's Group
  • We were looking to refresh our website and online image to really reflect our true passion for providing quality education to the students. PinnacleWorks took time to really understand our model and market to strategically direct us on everything from design to content creation and lead generation. We look forward to continue working with them.

    Raunak Jain
    Raunak Jain Vice-President, Tula's Group
  • We use the services of PinnacleWorks, for external and internal projects from time to time. They are committed in delivering quality projects and customer satisfaction which is of utmost importance. Hope they continue meeting our expectations with their out of the box thinking and works.

    Niraj Davar
    Niraj Davar Director, Channel Technologies
  • I thank and appreciate the efforts made by PinnacleWorks in supporting and helping me for reaching out to masses using digital media platforms. My victory in 2017 Vidhan Sabha Elections has a share of the efforts made by PinnacleWorks.

    Rita Bahuguna Joshi
    Rita Bahuguna Joshi Cabinet Minister, UP
  • I have known Ankit and Sarvagya from past 6 years. They have worked with me and my team on various projects when it came to technology. The technical consulting and services provided by them was incomparable. A major credit of our success goes to them. I highly recommend them to any firm.

    Ashish Co-Founder, MilkBasket
  • I’d like to share how happily surprised I am with the professionalism, communication and the overall positive manner I experienced at PinnacleWorks. While I always expect to be treated well for service that I pay for, I am all too often underwhelmed with the services I receive. Cheers to team PinnacleWorks!

    Jeet Marwadi
    Jeet Marwadi Marwadi University

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