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Bridging the journey between Technology and Education Industry!

Digitization . Automation . Intelligence

Indian Education Industry is the 4th largest sector of Indian Economy but is still lagging behind in terms of Technological Adaptation and Advancements. The level of technological advancements which have been attained by Banking and Automobile Industry, Education Industry will take another 10 years to reach that level. This is hindering the pace of growth of the Education Industry. There is a need of bridging this gap to transform the Education Sector by making it technologically advanced. This gap can be bridged with Digitization, Automation, and Intelligence, and “CampusEnrol ” meets all these needs.

Digital Footprint

Go digital and capture all your leads digitally, do e-counseling, collect online payments, and mark digital admissions. Do all of this from one panel.

Automated Process

Define custom workflows, pay automated calls and execute automated marketing campaigns all at one click.

Intelligent Approach

Use AI-powered technology to smartly approach your applicants. Also, guide your counsellors with the help of AI-Bot with their next action steps for getting better ROI.


One system to act as a one-stop solution for meeting all your Admission Needs. #SwitchToIntelligence

With CampusEnrol you will not only upgrade your organization but will also make your team smarter!

Do Prospect Management

Let your counsellors focus on conversions and let us mine the potential leads for you!

Why do cold calling, invest so much time and money in just mining out the potential leads? Why not take a smarter approach to manage your prospects?

Let your counsellors focus on conversions and let us mine the potential leads for you!

  • Manage all your cold data in one place
  • Do Thousands of calls at one go using SuperBot Telephony
  • Auto-Score the prospects based on the Interaction
  • Auto-Convert the Prospects into Leads on the basis of the scores

Adapt Marketing Automation

Don’t loose on your leads because of delay in communication!

Just draft your content, set your rules and let the system approach your leads timely and regularly to help you stay in touch with your leads and increase your ROI.

  • Send rule-based Emails, WhatsApp, SMS, Push Notifications
  • Do event-based Marketing using different modes of communication
  • Prompt your leads to take the necessary action to complete their admission application
  • Do Drip Marketing and stay connected with your leads 24*7

Use AI-Driven Smart Assistance

Don’t guide your applicants till applications but also till admissions!

An AI-powered smart assistant, which is there not only for your applicants but also to assist your counsellors. Be it guiding your applicants with their next steps for admissions or assisting your counsellors with their next action item, daily reminders or reports, all can be taken care of by one single agent.

Empowering your team to maintain 24×7 support, while helping you to save time, cost and effort.

  • Promote a Product/Service
  • Promote a New Brand
  • Conduct Political Campaigns
  • Promote New Offers


Smart Notifications

Filter your leads, create and save an audience and Retarget them by sending them individual as well as bulk SMS/Email/WhatsApp/Push Notifications


Auto Lead Scoring & Classification

Auto-Score and classify your leads as Hot, Cold and Warm depending upon the action and interaction taking place with the applicant. And, mine out the potential leads to be approached first. 

Paperless Lead Capturing

Capture all your leads from various digital channels at one point using our easy to integrate APIs and in-built connectors


Multiple Application Management

Let your students initiate multiple applications for all the courses of their choice and help them get counselled for all the courses of their choice to finally decide and enrol in the best-suited one

Publisher Panel

Give limited access to your admission partners to track their lead flow, campaign quality analysis along with required reports


Multiple Payment Gateway Integration

Collect Payments Online via Multiple Payment Gateway Integration. The system accepts and reflects payable amount in both National as well as International Currencies


Queue Management

Manage your Walk-in Leads in a systematic manner by raising a token number and assigning them the next available counsellor automatically


Accounting Management

Manage and Maintain all your fee structures, collection, application-wise ledgers, fee-receipts, etc. in one place


Marketing Campaigns ROI Calculator

Get real-time reporting of all your digital campaigns along with the unique leads, registration and admission counts to help you map your ROI


Commission Management

Make your consultant bank, allocate, calculate and process their commission. Do all of this from one single panel

AddOn PowerUps!

For Education

For Education

An AI-Powered Omni-Channel 24*7 Communication Agent, which can cater unlimited queries from the online visitors. It also helps in bridging the communication gap between the applicants and the Educational Organisations and can be integrated with 20+ Platforms.

For Telephony

For Telephony

India’s First AI-Based Voice Agent for undertaking Admission Counselling and Lead Verification. The agent is capable of paying 1000+ calls in a minute and is smart enough to understand the custom responses and pass on the responses received accordingly.

Ready to get started?

So why wait & not take your step towards a smart and intelligent solution?


Ready to get started?

So why wait & not take your step towards a smart and intelligent solution?

Ready to get started?

So why wait & not take your step towards a smart and intelligent solution?

Ready to get started?

So why wait & not take your step towards a smart and intelligent solution?

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