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Access, Store, Track And Manage All Your Documents From A Centralized System

Easydoc is a Document Management System which is used to track, manage and store documents. It is capable of keeping a record of the various versions created and modified by diff erent users. The systems enables an organization to capture faxes and forms, to save copies of the documents as images and to store the image files in the repository for security and quick retrieval. Easydoc stores the document in a central archive, which is accessible to everyone via the network. Every piece of information concerning the documents is stored in a database, starting with creation date over the type of document and stored tags up to the entire text content.

Once the content is imported the soft ware acts a search engine, facilitating the users to find what they are looking for in a faster way. The system allows for better application of search capabilities such as full-text searching and stemming. Easydoc off ers setting of metadata, Versioning of Documents, Workflow Management, Access Management, etc. It extracts meta-data from the document automatically or prompt the user to add metadata. Versioning allows user to retrieve previous versions and to continue work from a selected point. It is useful for documents that change over time and require regular updates.




Why EasyDoc?

EasyDoc saves one from the hassle of manually maintaining and arranging the documents. It allows the users to have right information on right place at the right time which is the basis of decision making procedure and triggering the business process. The faster the correct information is available, the faster can decisions be made or more decisions and business processes in the same time span could be processed.

Increases Time - Efficiency

Manual Documentation Compiling and Auditing takes a lot of time which somewhere reduces the productivity of the organisation. EasyDoc saves time of every organization and individual which they would have spent in compiling the paperwork and can use that time in doing some other productive work.

Reduces Risk Of Loss Of Data

Since, documents and records are an important entity of any organisation and thence those documents getting tampered or lost creates lot of trouble. Thus with EasyDoc where all the document have online automatic storage of all the edited versions, reduces the risk of loss or damaging of documents.

System supports deployment on both Cloud and Intranet

Scalable to a Million Users

Scalable to a Million Documents

Made with Open Source Technologies

Highly Customizable with Deep Linking

Single SIgn-On


EasyDoc comes as a complete package with many automation and reporting features integrated into the system, allowing the users to easily access, track and manage all their documents from one centralised system, anytime, anywhere. It is a component of enterprise content management systems and related to digital asset management, document imaging , workflow systems and record management systems. The Workflow module allows the administrator to define a rule that dictates the flow of a document through an organization. Thus, with the implementation of EasyDoc an organization could ensure higher productivity and effective usage of time.













How It Works

The document is never sent around itself, but rather a link, which is the address of the document in EasyDoc. In other words, one works on a shared data basis and the distribution copy is cancelled.

Easydoc offers important analysis of the entire meta-data for controlling, which are controlled from the documents. The versioning of the documents is also done where each and every edited version of the document is stored and can be accessed by the users when required. Along with the versioning of the document, an audit – proof archiving function is also there. The documents stored in this manner have complete document status for the tax authorities and make paper-based document superfluous. The system also has workflow management where every person has different privileges. For ex – One might have the access just to view the documents and not able to edit it while the other one has access to the documents of others also along with the editing privileges.

Workflow Management

easydocThe workflow of EasyDoc can supply corresponding co-workers or groups within the organization or externally, with documents based on specific parameters, e.g. the category, the project number, the client etc., depending on how & when they finish working on the documents, further workflow steps are triggered. It is not a fixed construction.

A semi-automatic and manual workflows are also possible which reduces the execution time of the documents. With the advanced search option, the system allows one to find the required document even if he/she is not involved in the workflow, provided the person has enough privileges given by the admin to access the same.

The workflow thus has been designed with much higher flexibility and technical specification in order to keep the execution easier with less time consumption and higher

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Stop losing your documents & make your auditing process easier with all the documents stored at one place


– Ankit Ruia, Co-founder